What is the SR22 Law?

Technically, SR22 motorcycle insurance doesn't exist. The non owner sr22 Nevada isn't a category of insurance - rather, it's a type of policy you must fill out and submit to the state to prove to the authorities that you're adequately covered. For that reason, in layman's terms, SR22 insurance isn't actually a policy - it's a condition your insurance company will be willing and able to qualify you for. In the meantime, you have to deal with a group of people who've already signed up with SR22 policies and are suddenly being denied coverage. So what is the problem?

The trouble stems from the fact that your car insurance company filed for SR22 but didn't actually have your application in the system. The state DMV sent out a compliance letter to every car insurance company that handles more than a million insurance claims. The compliance letter required every firm to file an application with the DMV or risk losing its current rating, which would mean higher premiums. But the letter also included the phrase "if your company does not currently provide SR22 coverage, you are required to make such coverage available." What's the hold up? That's where you come in.

Major Carriers & Insurance Brokers offer sr22 insurance Nevada. Virtually all insurance companies and brokers do not offer SR22 coverage. According to the Texas Department of Insurance, the majority of states require insurers to sell liability limits only to commercial auto or fleet policies (which include cars, trucks, and buses). Moreover, most major carriers sold SR22 policies as a rider to their larger policies instead of adding the coverage to their books. This means that SR22 policyholders often wind up with lower limits or insufficient coverages, leading to increased premiums.

The Solution: Most SR22 carriers provide the coverage that the license holder is asking for. For example, Farmers Insurance offers a one-time payment for an entire year's policy at the time of the policy renewal. The policyholder then takes out a separate policy in order to cover him/her for liability when driving his/her vehicle off the road. The farmer does not have to worry about whether he has insurance on the vehicle that he/she drives. Instead, the farmer can drive away knowing that if the vehicle becomes damaged (or stolen), he/she will be covered by the policy.

If You're Being Pulled Over, Don't Let Your License Plate Read One: If a state trooper walks up to your driver's license and sees the words SR22, he/she may assume that the license holder is committing a serious traffic violation. If so, the officer will likely issue a citation for failure to display a proper license plate. It is important to note that this offense, like the majority of traffic citations, does not have a specific amount of time within which the offending license must be displayed. In fact, failure to display the proper licensing plate can result in the license being taken away or it may lead to additional fines. SR22 offenders do not necessarily get a harsher sentence than drivers with an current Icky Burnout.

Are You an SR22 Insurance Policyholder? If so, be sure to protect yourself! Review your auto policy to identify any potential liabilities. Contact your insurer to discuss ways to protect yourself and/or your vehicle. An experienced SR22 attorney should be consulted to discuss your options. Remember, no matter how much liability insurance you purchase, you are still responsible for all accidents and charges that occur during your ownership of the vehicle. Check out this site for more content related to this article: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/do-you-need-full-coverage_b_11818966.
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